Quality is the foundation that Southern Gear is built upon. Put your parts in our experienced hands, under our AS 9100D quality system.

AS9100D with ISO9001

Southern Gear and Machine takes pride in its ability to produce the highest quality, precision gears in the gear industry. Manufacturing gears at this level takes a company totally dedicated to the idea that quality and precision is the ultimate product. Our quality reflects our experience. Southern Gear has been producing precision gears for the defense and aerospace industry, among others, since 1957. Meeting our customers critical standards has provided us with a wealth of experience in machining precision gears. Production control assures a constant monitoring of your part through the entire machining process. Our engineering department double checks all prints and plans the most effective way to produce the part. This eliminates problems before they happen, and helps guarantee on-time delivery. Finally, we check and test all gears to make sure they meet your exact specifications

Southern Gear has a complete in-house inspection department with inspectors assigned to each machining area.  Our inspection equipment includes:

  • 1 Peco ND 300 CNC Gear Inspection Computer Gage Control
  • 4 Brown & Sharp CNC CMM’s
  • Sheffield CNC CMM
  • Complete Inspection Facilities
  • Mikes to 36 inches
  • Certified Gage Blocks & Tools
  • Red Line Chart Capabilities
  • Certified Master Gears
  • Spline and Thread Gages
  • Granite Surface Plates
  • Involute Chart Recorder
  • 30 Gear Testers
  • Brown & Sharpe Microhite With Printer
  • Inspection System to AS 9100 &
  •    Mil-145208A
  • 2 Deltronic Optical Comparators
  • Gage Talker SPC Systems
  • 3  #2 Gleason Bevel Checkers
  • 3  #6 Gleason Bevel Checkers
  • 24 H Fellows Lead Checker
  • 24 M Fellows Involute Checker
  • J&L 30” Comparator
  • 2 Wilson Hardness Checkers
  • 1 Vari-Roll Automatic Gear Analyzing
  •    System
  • 1 Vari-Roll Composite Gear Tester

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